Buying Sewing Machine Online? Points To Note

Buying Sewing Machine Online? Points To Note

Online shopping is huge in US. In fact, United States was one of the first countries that stepped into the world of online shopping. In retail e-commerce sales, United States is just behind China. Even though, that is the case, certain product categories are still lagging behind in online sales. Sewing machine is one such product, which could not replicate the success of other electronic and digital products. The main reason is because many people are still not convinced about buying a sewing machine without having a physical feel of it. However the trend is changing now.

People like me would always love to have a hands on experience with the sewing machine. I always had an irresistible feeling to touch the buttons of sewing machines in a shop. I don't know how that came to me. I can't resist it. I have to admit that, feeling for a sewing machine or seeing it in real rather than on a cellphone or computer screen, is much more confidence inspiring. But offline shopping eats up an important resource of ours, 'time'. You need to invest a lot of time to visit multiple stores to find the best deal, which is energy sapping. 

Why Going Online Is A Better Option ?

Like many sewers, I too was a little shy about buying sewing machines online. It all changed when I bought my Brother CS6000i online. It was the first machine I bought online. I was forced to buy it online as I saw a good enough price difference between an online store and my local dealer. To be honest, I was on a strict budget at that time, so the difference mattered a lot to me. I hate wasting money to say the least.

At times, when you approach a local sewing machine dealer and ask him which one is the best sewing machine. He sometimes will direct you to the machine for which he will receive the maximum margin of profit or commission. I won't say that it will be the case all the time, but it is a general possibility unless you know the dealer really well. Even the staff are at times given special commissions to promote certain brands or models. Just, pretty clever marketing is going on there. I always expect an impartial machine recommendation from a dealer based on my requirements, but it doesn't always happen that way. 

I personally had an experience with one dealer. I was looking for a computerized sewing machine. I asked him which one was the best (by that time I already made up my mind to buy a particular model which I knew was good and the same model was there for sale). As expected, he introduced me to a sewing machine model that I didn't hear of and started talking about its quality and performance. I asked him about the machine in my mind. I asked 'Why aren't you recommending this xyz machine, I think it's really good'. He said, 'Yes, mam it's good but not as good as this one'. It was pretty clear that he was going to get better profit on the machine he was talking about.

The advantage of buying sewing machine online is that you are not influenced by what dealers say. You are all on your own and you make the decisions. There is no one to compel you to buy a particular model. You do the research, you make the decisions. You get the same warranty cover as you get from a local dealer. Most online shopping sites have very good return policy as well, so you can return the machine if it is not working as expected. The physical effort needed to visit each and every dealer searching for the best deal can also be saved.

The Downside of Going Online?

As I have said earlier, going to a local store means you can see the machine for real. You can even perform a trial or watch a demonstration, which is very much valuable from the point of view of a prospective buyer. Most local dealers also provide sewing classes to get you started. So buying from a local store has its fair share of advantage, but just that you need to spend more physical effort and time.

If you have made up your mind to buy it online from the comfort of your home, the next thing to you need to know is,

How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine Online?

This is the biggest challenge for a person looking to buy a sewing machine online. My first advice will be to read a lot of reviews. It is not about reading sewing machine reviews randomly. There is an order to it. First you need to find a sewing machine that suits your budget and requirements. You can use the 'search' options on online shopping sites to narrow down your results according to budget and features. You can narrow down your results according to price, features, brand and ratings.

The second step is to narrow down your research to couple of models. Select 3 sewing machines that you feel will satisfy your requirements. Now start reading reviews and compare each machine to the others. We at CompareNcart has an innovative comparison tool with which you can compare up to 3 sewing machines at a time. 

Watch some video reviews as well. Once you decide on a sewing machine model, go ahead and buy it. If you are not really interested in reading the user manual, you can watch the instructional DVD that comes with the machine (if it comes with one). You can also watch YouTube videos, there are hundreds of videos out there. You can learn how to make beautiful looking designs, patterns, learn how to use different features on the machine etc.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer only. Opinions may be subjective.