CompareNcart Releases Dedicated Sewing Machine Comparison Tool

CompareNcart Releases Dedicated Sewing Machine Comparison Tool

When I was a beginner sewer, the biggest trouble I had was to find the right sewing machine that matched my requirements and the quality standards I set for myself. Obviously, the search process starts with a search for the Best Beginner Sewing Machine. This search gave me few sewing machines to consider. Normally I shortlist three to four sewing machines for a detailed look. This is exactly where the problems begin.

Now that I have refined the list to 3 or 4 sewing machines, the next thing I want to do is compare each sewing machine against each other. This is the most challenging part. Not all sewing machines will have identical features, so I need to make sure that the sewing machine I am looking at has all the features I want and at the same time make sure that it will perform well for me. Features, stitch quality, durability and ease of use are the main priorities as far as my sewing machine choice is concerned.

There are hundreds and thousands of buyers guide available on the internet, but there isn't a useful comparison tool to compare sewing machines online. Yes, there are some resources that help in comparing sewing machines, but not many gives you the freedom to manually choose the sewing machines that you want to compare. In most cases, the sewing machine models are selected by default and you are forced to pick and choose from whatever information is available. This is where our sewing machine comparison tool is different. 

The idea of this tool came to my mind from the difficulties I faced to compare the sewing machines of my choice. Our comparison tool gives you the freedom to select the sewing machine models on your own. It also gives you the freedom to compare two or three sewing machines. Hundreds and thousands of permutations and combinations are possible in this manner. 

How to Use CompareNcart Sewing Machine Comparison Tool?

You can access our comparison tool by clicking on the 'Comparisons' tab on top or from this page . As shown in the above image, double or triple comparison of sewing machines can be done. 

First, in the 'Product 1' column you need to select the first sewing machine model to be compared, by typing in the model number. A suggestion will appear according to the model number you typed. Select it and repeat the same process for other sewing machines in the 'Product 2' and 'Product 3' columns respectively.

By default, there are three product columns to select sewing machines. But if you want to compare two sewing machines only, then you just need to enter model numbers in the 'Product 1' and Product 2' columns only.

Once the selection of sewing machines to be compared is over, just hit the 'Compare' button. This will take you to the detailed comparison page.

Our sewing machine comparison tool gives you access to hundreds of sewing machine comparisons, which are very detailed, covering different aspects of a sewing machine including features, ease of use, performance etc. Most sewing machines available in United States can be compared using our tool. We are adding more and more sewing machines on a regular basis.

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