Brother 1034D Vs Singer 14CG754 Comparison

Brother 1034D Vs Singer 14CG754 Comparison In Detail

Brother 1034D and Singer 14CG754 are two most popular sergers in U.S, mainly because of the reason that they are really affordable. These two sergers have a magical combination of quality and affordability and that is the reason why they became so popular. 

Brother 1034D Vs Singer 14CG754 - Major Feature Differences

Feature wise, there are some differences between Brother 1034D and Singer 14CG754. First let us have a look at what the differences are,

Stitch Configuration 

Singer 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 thread serger, whereas Brother 1034D is a 3-4 thread serger. So Brother misses out on the 2 thread configuration.

Stitch Types 

On the Singer machine you get 6 stitch types, but on Brother 1034D you will get only 5. On Singer 14CG754 you can do 2 Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock, 2 Thread Standard Rolled Hem, 3 Thread Wrapped Edge Overlock, 3 Thread Flatlock, 3 Thread Overlock Stitch and 4 Thread Stretch Mock Safety Stitch. On Brother 1034D you can do 4 thread overlock, 3 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

Side by side comparison

FeatureBrother 1034DSinger 14CG754
Stitch Configuration3/4 thread2/3/4 thread
Stitch SelectionDialDial
Color Coded ThreadingYesYes
Free ArmYesYes
Motor Power1,300 Stitches/min1,300 Stitches/min
Automatic TensionAdjustableAdjustable

Editor comment

Brother 1034D is slightly easier to thread and set up. It is more beginner friendly. Singer 14CG754 on the other hand, is not that far behind. However it requires a slight learning curve. Yes, you can thread it in a snap once you get the hang of it. The stitch quality is more or less the same on both sergers. When you compare the sound made by both machines, Singer 14CG754 is slightly louder than Brother 1034D.

If you still can't make up your mind, don't worry, we will break it down for you. Go for Brother 1034D if you want a serger that is easy to use and performs well. Go for Singer 14CG754 if you want 2 thread capability and an extra stitch type.

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