Brother DZ2400 Vs HC1850

Brother DZ2400 Vs HC1850 Comparison In Detail

Both Brother DZ2400 and HC1850 are popular advanced sewing machines. They have been well received by sewers in US. Whenever you search for an affordable computerized sewing machine, you will come across these two models (thanks to their quality and popularity). Because they are so closely matched, people tend to ask what is the difference between them. Here we will try to compare every feature and performance of Brother DZ2400 and HC1850, which will help you make a decision.

Main Feature Differences

From the outside appearance, you can clearly pick some differences. Brother DZ2400 has a dark blue color, whereas HC1850 comes in a light blue shade. The other difference is in the position of buttons. For example, the needle position key on DZ2400 is to the right of the reverse button whereas in HC1850 all 3 buttons, the start/stop, reverse and needle position are in a straight vertical line. Honestly, the position of the buttons doesn't make a difference in usability, as both are at convenient locations.

Built-in Stitches

This is where all the confusion occurs. Brother DZ2400 has 185(130 sewing + 55 alphanumeric) built-in stitches and Brother HC1850 has 130 built-in stitches. So if you are looking for more variety of stitches DZ2400 will be a better option in my opinion.

Sewing Machine Weight

This is where the next major difference lies. Brother DZ2400 is 3.3 lbs lighter than HC1850. It is not a huge difference but still it can be considered, if you want to take your machine to sewing classes.


Since Brother DZ2400 is a Designio Series machine, it comes with a full set of designer accessories which includes a lot of included feet as well. So in that aspect, DZ2400 scores more. You can learn more about the included feet in the table below.

These are the differences between DZ2400 and HC1850.

Editor comment

When you compare the performance and ease of use, they are very similar. You can't pick a clear winner. However, if you are looking for more stitch options, Brother DZ2400 will be a better option in my opinion. 

Side by side comparison

FeatureBrother DZ2400Brother HC1850
Built-in Stitches185 (130 sewing + 55 alphanumeric)130
Sewing Start/Stop ButtonYesYes
Speed Control SliderYesYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYes
Buttonhole Styles8 One-step8 One-step
Top Drop-in BobbinYesYes
Stitch SelectionLCD Display and Push ButtonLCD Display and Push Button
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYesYes
Stitch Width7mm7mm
Stitch Length5mm5mm
Programmable Needle Up/DownYesYes
Built-in Monogramming FontYes 1Yes 1
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureNoNo
Drop FeedYesYes
Free ArmYesYes
Motor Speed850 stitches/min850 stitches/min
On Board Accessory StorageYesYes
Work LightYes LEDYes LED
Included FeetButtonhole foot, Button sewing foot, Overcasting foot, Zipper foot, Monogramming foot, Blind stitch foot, Zigzag foot, Walking foot, Quilting foot, 1/4" Quilting foot, Quilting guideButtonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Blind stitch foot, Button fitting foot, Spring action quilting foot
Machine Weight9.9 lbs13.2 lbs
Warranty25 Year limited25 Year Limited

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer only. Opinions may be subjective.

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