Brother SE400 Vs PE500 Comparison In Detail

Brother SE400 Vs PE500 Comparison In Detail

Brother SE400 and PE500 are two popular beginners' embroidery machines. Let us have a closer look at both models, so that you can make a choice.

Brother SE400 Vs PE500 - Major Difference In Features

When you look at both machines from a distance, you get a feeling that both are identical. But only a closer look reveals the differences. First of all, we will be taking about the areas where these two machines differ. We will have a look at all other features later on.

Basic Functioning 

9 out of 10 times, this is where the decision is made. PE500 is an embroidery only machine, whereas SE400 is a sewing & embroidery combo machine. SE400 has all the features of PE500 plus the capability of regular sewing. So SE400 would be a good choice for those who don't own a regular sewing machine, as they can do sewing and embroidery all in one machine.

Built-in Stitches 

SE400 comes with 67 sewing stitches (including 10 one-step buttonholes), 70 embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts.

PE500 comes with 70 embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 embroidery lettering fonts. The only thing missing is the sewing stitches.

Embroidery Features 

Absolutely no difference here. Both machines come with a maximum embroidery area of 4"x4". The embroidery speeds are also the same, at 400 stitches/min. There are layout function and pattern rotating on both machines. Computer connectivity on both machines lets you download unlimited number of designs from and other websites. So the room for creativity is virtually limitless.

Machine Weight

Brother SE400 is 4.44 lbs lighter than PE500. Consider it as important, if you want to take your machine to sewing classes.

Editor comment

You really can't see a difference in performance either. Both are excellent machines for embroidery. In fact, these two have one of the best customer feedback for beginner embroidery machines. You can say that SE400 is slightly better for beginners as you don't need to switch machines for embroidery and sewing tasks (that's what we feel).

PE500 is an embroidery only machine and SE400 is a sewing & embroidery combo machine, that says all. If you take the sewing features of SE400 alone, you will see that it packs all the features that you normally get on a beginner Brother computerized sewing machine. 

Our recommendation will always be Brother SE400 because of the versatility it offers. Moreover, SE400 is the upgraded version of PE500. You can even write the comparison as an equation, 

Brother PE500 + Sewing Features = Brother SE400.

Side by side comparison

FeatureBrother SE400Brother PE500
TypeSewing & Embroidery Combo MachineEmbroidery Only
Max Embroidery Area4" x 4"4" x 4"
Built-in Stitches67 Sewing Stitches
Embroidery Hoop1 hoop, 4" x 4"One 4" x 4"
Sewing Start/Stop ButtonYesYes
Embroidery Speed400 Stitches/min400 Stitches/min
Speed Control SliderYesNo
Built-in Embroidery Designs7070
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYes
Layout FunctionYesYes
Buttonhole Styles10 One-step
Pattern Rotation1, 10, or 90 Degrees1, 10, or 90 Degrees
Top Drop-in BobbinYesYes
USB ConnectivityYesYes
Stitch SelectionLCD Touch DisplayLCD Touch Screen
Embroidery Card SlotYesYes
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYes
Built-in MemoryYesYes
Stitch Width7mm
Stitch Length5mm
Programmable Needle Up/DownYesYes
Built-in Monogramming FontYes 5Yes 5
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureNoNo
Motor Speed710 Stitches/min (For regular sewing)
On Board Accessory StorageYesYes
Work LightYes 1 LEDYes 1 LED
Feed Dog7
Included FeetButtonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Blind Stitch foot, Button Fitting foot, Embroidery footEmbroidery foot
Machine Weight13.66 lbs18.1 lbs
Warranty25 Year Limited25 Year Limited
Automatic Thread CutterYesYes
On-screen Help TutorialsYesYes
TensionAdjustable With Dial

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer only. Opinions may be subjective.

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