Brother XR3774 Vs CS6000i Comparison In Detail

Brother XR3774 Vs CS6000i Comparison In Detail

When you compare Brother XR3774 and CS6000i, you are actually comparing two sewing machines that belong to two different categories. XR3774 is an entry level mechanical sewing machine, whereas CS6000i is a computerized sewing machine. 

Brother CS6000i has been around for a while. It needs no introduction, it sure is one of the best beginner sewing machines you can get in US. It became a sewers' favorite because of its stitch quality, ease of use, automated features and last but not the least, affordability. 

Brother XR3774 is a relatively newer model (in comparison with CS6000i). It is an affordable mechanical sewing machine that came with good number of built-in stitches and useful features like automatic needle threader, top drop-in bobbin etc. It has good stitch quality as well. It caters to the entry level category of sewers. It also has been a sewers' favorite in its segment.

Since we are comparing a mechanical and a computerized sewing machine, it is pretty much understood that the latter is going to be more advanced of the two. 

Brother XR3774 Vs CS6000i - Major Feature Differences

As I have pointed out, XR3774 is mechanical sewing machine. So the design is much more simple with couple of dials and reverse sewing button. CS6000i being a computerized sewing machine, comes with LCD screen and lot of button controls.

Mechanical XR3774 Vs Computerized CS6000i

Stitch selection on XR3774 is done by turning the dial, whereas on CS6000i, selection is done by push button and settings can be viewed on the LCD screen. The screen will display the selected stitch, stitch width and length and the recommended presser foot. There are buttons next to the screen for adjusting stitch width, length and changing the selected stitch. In the case of XR3774, dials are provided for all such adjustments. 

Sewing Start/Stop and Speed Control

The objective of sewing start/stop button and speed control slider on Brother CS6000i is to sew without using the foot controller. Even though it comes with a foot controller, you can sew without it. You are still in control of the sewing speed, thanks to the speed control slider.

Brother XR3774 being a mechanical sewing machine, has no such feature. You can only sew using the foot controller and speed control is achieved by increasing or decreasing the pressure you apply on it.

Programmable Needle Up/Down

CS6000i has a programmable needle up/down button. It programs the needle to stop in the up/down position. This is really useful while pivoting. On XR3774, you will have to do this manually using the handwheel. 

Built-in Stitches

Brother XR3774 comes with 37 built-in stitches including 1 one-step buttonhole. CS6000i on the other hand comes with 60 built-in stitches including 7 one-step buttonholes. So as far as stitch variety is concerned, CS6000i definitely has an upper hand.

Stitch Width and Length

The maximum stitch width and length on XR3774 are 5mm and 4mm respectively. On CS6000i, the maximum stitch width and length are 7mm and 5mm respectively. So CS6000i offers more range for customization.

Drop Feed

Brother XR3774 does not have an option to drop feed dogs. So if you want to do free-motion quilting, you will have to use a darning plate to cover the feed dogs. On CS6000i, you can get the feed dogs out of the way by using a lever. It is much more simpler.

Sewing Speed

This is not a huge difference and it is not a factor big enough to base your decision on. However, on paper CS6000i can sew faster than XR3774. The maximum sewing speed on XR3774 is 800 stitches/min, whereas on CS6000i it is 850 stitches/min.

Machine Weight

Brother XR3774 is 0.7 lbs lighter than CS6000i. 


XR3774 comes with a soft dust cover whereas CS6000i comes with a hard protective case.

Editor comment

The most difficult thing is to conclude. You can't say one machine is better than the other. Because here we compared two machines that belong to two entirely different categories. In isolation, Brother XR3774 is an absolutely wonderful mechanical sewing machine. It is a quality machine, which is why sewers love it so much. But when you compare XR3774 with CS6000i, the latter being a computerized machine comes with few extra goodies. From a beginner's point of view, the computerized features like sewing start/stop, speed control slider, programmable needle up/down etc will make life a lot easier. In addition to that, you will also get 23 more built-in stitches with CS6000i, which adds to your creativity. So if you ask me, I will be leaning towards CS6000i.

Side by side comparison

FeatureBrother XR3774Brother CS6000i
Built-in Stitches3760
Sewing Start/Stop ButtonNoYes
Speed Control SliderNoYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYesYes
Buttonhole Styles1 One-step7 One-step
Top Drop-in BobbinYesYes
USB ConnectivityNoNo
Stitch SelectionDialLCD Display and Push Button
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYesYes
Built-in MemoryNoNo
Stitch Width5mm7mm
Stitch Length4mm5mm
Programmable Needle Up/DownNoYes
Built-in Monogramming FontNoNo
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureNoNo
Drop FeedNo (Free-motion is possible only with a darning plate)Yes
Free ArmYesYes
Motor Speed800 Stitches/min850 stitches/min
On Board Accessory StorageYesYes
Work LightYesYes, Dual LEDs
Feed Dog66
Included FeetBlind stitch foot, Buttonhole foot, Button sewing foot, Narrow hemmer foot, Walking foot, Quilting foot, Zigzag foot, Zipper footButtonhole foot, Overcasting foot, Monogramming foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot, Blind stitch foot, Button fitting foot, Walking foot, Spring action quilting foot
Machine Weight12.3 lbs13 lbs
Warranty25 Year Limited25 Year Limited
Twin Needle CapabilityYesYes
Automatic Thread CutterNoNo
TensionAdjustable With DialAdjustable With Dial
Included Wide Extension TableYesYes
CoverDust CoverHard Cover

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer only. Opinions may be subjective.

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