Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Review In Detail

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Review In Detail

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX is a quality cover stitch machine. Ergonomics and stitch quality are some of the virtues of this machine.

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There aren't many quality coverstitch machines around. Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX comes with differential feed, which can be adjusted with the knob provided on the side of the machine. It has a differential feed ratio of 0.5 to 2.25. The stitch length can be adjusted between 1-4mm. The stitch width is

•    With 2 needles - 6mm (standard), 3mm (narrow)
•    With 3 needles - 6mm (3mm + 3mm)

The machine has 1,2,3 needle operation. There is a side thread cutter for cutting the remaining thread. The motor is powerful and it can deliver 1000 stitches/min. The stitch reference chart is provided in front of the machine. The machine can do

•    1 needle, 2 thread chain stitch
•    2 needle, 3 thread cover stitch
•    3 needle, 4 thread triple cover stitch

You can use up to 4 spools of thread on Cover Pro 1000CPX. The work space is quite large, it measures 4” x 5.5” which adds to the versatility of this machine. The machine has free arm as well. One highlight of this machine is that it has Janome's exclusive Seam Tightening System (STS), which uses a spring instead of a looper tension dial thereby reducing thread loosening, resulting in tight and perfect stitches especially on thick fabrics like denim. Presser foot pressure can be adjusted. The machine weighs 19 lbs. It comes with a dust cover as well.

Ease of Use

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX is one of the easiest machines to thread. The diagrams and color codes make things easy for you. While doing coverstitch, you might need to remove needles every now and then. You can remove the needles in a snap, even people with no sewing experience can do it. One thing we noticed about this machine is that it has to be designed by an experienced sewer (or a group for that matter), because every control and knobs are conveniently placed. Everything will happen in a single motion after couple of days of use. Ergonomics is something that you will love about this machine.

It has a well written, easy to understand user manual (which we believe is the most basic thing that every sewing machine manufacturer should provide), which makes everything else easier. The stitch quality is very good, in fact it is almost the same as what you get on store bought items.


•    Overall build quality is good
•    User friendly
•    Quality stitches

Review Verdict

Quality wise, we can't find many faults with Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX. We have all praises for this machine.


TypeCover Stitch Machine
Cover StitchYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderNo
Differential FeedYes, Ratio 0.5 to 2.25
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYes
Stitch WidthWith two needles: 6mm (standard), 3mm (narrow), With three needles: 6mm (3mm + 3mm)
Color Coded ThreadingYes
Stitch Length1-4mm
Built-in Rolled HemNo
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureYes
Free ArmYes
Motor Speed1000 Stitches/min
Work LightYes, Bulb
Machine Weight19 lbs
Snap-on Presser FootYes
Work Space4” x 5.5”
CoverDust Cover

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