Juki MO-1000 Serger Review In Detail

Juki MO-1000 Serger Review In Detail

Apart from being an excellent serger, the easy threading of Juki MO-1000 will make life a lot easier. Kudos to Juki for eliminating that big hurdle.

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Juki MO-1000 is not for the faint-hearted. if you invest on this machine, you will get some cutting edge technology. MO-1000 is a 2-3-4 thread serger. The highlight and the premium feature of this serger is its threading technology. Juki calls it Jet-Air threading. All you will be doing is follow the thread guide and insert 1 or 2 inch of thread into the hole and push the 'Air On' button, and you are done. A sudden gush of air from the motor, threads it for you. Isn't that cool?

The automatic needle threader will thread the needle in an effortless manner. Juki MO-1000 comes with a disengageable knife, so that you can serge without cutting the fabric. You can disengage the knife with a knob. This serger has a powerful motor capable of delivering 1500 stitches/min (this is pretty much the standard nowadays). Differential feed (0.7-2.0 Ratio) can be adjusted even while sewing. A dial is provided for adjusting the cutting width. Presser foot pressure is also adjustable. The maximum presser foot lift is 8mm, which provides the extra clearance required by bulky fabrics.

A waste collector is provided to collect the cut-off fabric. An accessory storage compartment is provided inside the cover. Once you remove the side cover, you can access the threading area. An LED bulb illuminates the sewing surface and it does the job quite well.

Stitches available on Juki MO-1000 are

•    4-thread overlock
•    3-thread overlock
•    2-thread overcast
•    3-thread rolled hem
•    3-thread narrow overlock
•    Frill 3-thread rolled hem with differential feed
•    3-thread flatlock

Ease of Use

The biggest nightmare of using a serger is threading. Even though Juki MO-1000 comes with an instructional DVD, you won't need it for threading. It is that simple. Another thing that you would love about this serger is its stitch quality. Stitches are nice, clean and professional. The stitch quality is top notch on both lightweight and thick fabrics (something that we always look for in a serger). There is no puckering or stuffs like that while sewing fleece. The stitch quality on multiple layers of denim is also very impressive.

Even though Juki MO-1000 doesn't have automatic tension, you need little adjustment across different types of fabric. Make sure you use quality threads (it makes a difference, trust me). Changeover to rolled hem is quick and easy. The machine is quiet and stable even at high speeds. You will love this machine for the sheer user-friendliness. 


•    Easy threading serger
•    Ease of use
•    Stitch quality
•    Premium build quality
•    Quiet and stable

Review Verdict

Apart from being an excellent serger, the easy threading of Juki MO-1000 will make life a lot easier. Kudos to Juki for eliminating that big hurdle. It is a dream machine for those who hate threading. The build quality of this serger is top notch. It  is definitely a serger to consider. You are getting a great piece of technology. Personally, I have fallen in love with this machine. I am thinking why I didn't review it earlier.


Stitch Configuration2/3/4 thread
2/3/4 Thread ChangeYes
Automatic Needle ThreaderYes
Differential FeedYes (0.7-2.0 Ratio)
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYes
Stitch WidthOverlock Seam Width: Left Needle (5-9mm), Right Needle (3-7mm) and Rolled Hem (2mm)
Stitch Length1-4mm (Standard:2.5mm)
Moveable Upper KnifeYes
Built-in Rolled HemYes
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureYes
Motor Speed1,500 Stitches/min
On Board Accessory StorageYes
Extra High Presser Foot LifterYes, Max 8mm

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