Juki MO-623 Review In Detail

Juki MO-623 Review In Detail

We are really impressed by the quality that Juki MO-623 offers. However The machine is limited to 2 or 3 threads only.

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Juki MO-623 is an entry level overlock machine. It is a 1 needle, 2 or 3 thread overlock machine. It comes with built-in rolled hem, so that you don't have to change the needle plate .You just need to flip a switch. Like all modern overlock machines, this one also comes with color coded thread paths to make threading easy. Thread tension dial is conveniently located and is easy to use. The seam guide on the machine takes guess work out of the equation. You can create perfect seam allowances, thanks to the seam guide.

The heavy duty knife on Juki MO-623 can cut through light and heavy fabrics equally well. The dial for adjusting lower knife cutting width is easy to use and it ensures consistent stitch quality. The work lights illuminate the work space reasonably well. Stitch length can be adjusted using a dial. The machine has a powerful motor capable of delivering 1500 rpm, which keeps it on par with the competition.

The stitches available on Juki MO-623 are

3-Thread Narrow Overlock
3-Thread Overlock
3-Thread Rolled Hem
2-Thread Rolled Hem optional
2-Thread Overcast optional

Ease of Use

Juki MO-623  is an overlock machine and it does exactly that. The motor is very powerful (trust us). The stitch quality is excellent. It is a small machine, it won't take up a lot of space.


The machine is limited to 2 or 3 threads only.


•    Excellent build quality
•    Quality stitches
•    Small machine


•    No 4 thread operation

Review Verdict

We are really impressed by the quality that Juki MO-623 offers.


Stitch Configuration2/3 Thread Options
Color Coded ThreadingYes
Stitch Length4mm max
Built-in Rolled HemYes
Motor Speed1,500 rpm
Work LightYes
Machine Weight15 lbs Approx
Snap-on Presser FootYes

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