Juki MO644D Review In Detail

Juki MO644D Review In Detail

Juki MO644D is a beginners' favorite. This is because of its ease of use, features and durability. However there is no free arm option on this serger.

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Before going to the detailed review of Juki MO644D Serger, I will introduce the brand Juki. Juki is a popular global brand. Juki is a Japanese manufacturer of industrial and home sewing machines. They have their products selling in 170 countries around the world. Now, coming back to MO644D review.

Juki MO644D is a nice little, portable serger. You can easily store it away and it packs some very useful features. One of the highlights of this serger is the automatic rolled hemmer. The rolled hemmer basically works by rolling the edge of a piece of fabric over itself twice to hide any fabric edges. The roll is then over sewn simultaneously as it is rolled up. The rolled hem feature has two modes with the option for stitching to either roll around the end of the hem or for a normal overlock stitch where more strength is needed. The automatic rolled hemmer provides a very neat edging for clothing, curtains, or anything you want to sew. Juki MO644D is a 2/3/4 Thread serger and the rolled hemmer adds to its versatility. You don't need to change the needle plate or foot to engage rolled hemming, it can be done with the flip of a switch.

MO644D comes with a color coded threading system which is pretty much the standard nowadays. The thread paths are color coded and clearly marked for making threading effortless. Thread tension can be adjusted using the dials. Juki MO644D comes with a multipurpose presser foot. It allows you to do overlock stitches and add elastic or ribbons or tape to your projects. The presser feet is snap-on type which makes it very easy to change the feet.

The heavy-duty knife with dedicated drive mechanism provides consistent and effortless cutting for almost all types of fabric.  The lower knife cutting width can be easily adjusted by turning the dial, ensuring perfect seams and rolled edges. The upper knife will move out of the way for safe and easy threading access. The differential feed mechanism can be easily adjusted by turning a dial. Differential feed is adjustable in the ratio 0.7 : 2.0. There is a decent lighting system on this machine. Stitch length can be adjusted using the dial. This serger can sew at a speed of 1500rpm, which is much faster than majority of home sergers. Most home sergers come with a maximum sewing speed of 1,300 stitches/min, but MO644D can churn out 1,500 stitches/min.

Stitches that can be done on Juki MO644D are

•    4-Thread Overlock
•    3-Thread Flatlock
•    3-Thread Narrow Overlock
•    3-Thread Overlock
•    3-Thread Rolled Hem
•    2-Thread Rolled Hem optional
•    2-Thread Overcast optional

This serger weighs 15 lbs which makes it easy to carry around. 

Ease of Use

Juki MO644D is a 'frustration free' serger in my opinion. It is better than what you think of it. It is as good as any other 2/3/4 Thread serger you can get in US. Initially, I tested it with some multiple layers of wool, the machine went through like a breeze. No issues like jamming or skipping stitches. The machine is very quiet as well, in fact it is quieter than most home sergers. The overall build quality is very good and you don't feel any vibration while operating. It is a fantastic machine for light and medium weight fabric. The stitch quality over couple of layers of denim is also very good. The stitch quality is consistent over long working hours.

Juki MO644D is a beginner serger, so ease of use is very important and Juki delivers what is expected of it. It is a very user-friendly serger. There are some instructions to be noted before threading, so you are advised to read the user manual thoroughly. The machine comes threaded in the box.


There is no free arm option.

No coverstitch.


•    Very user friendly
•    Excellent for beginners
•    Automatic rolled hem
•    Variety of features


•    No free arm

Review Verdict

Juki MO644D serger is a beginners delight. As a beginner, you will always look for a serger that is easy to use and MO644D is just of that kind. It can take all the hits and misses of a beginner. It is a portable machine as well.


Stitch Configuration2/3/4 thread
Overlock Seam WidthLeft needle: 6mm/Right Needle: 4mm Rolled Hem: 2mm
Cover StitchNo
Differential FeedYes, 0.7 - 2.0 Ratio
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYes
Color Coded ThreadingYes
Stitch LengthMax 4mm
Moveable Upper KnifeYes
Built-in Rolled HemYes
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureYes
Free ArmNo
Motor Speed1,500 rpm
Work LightYes
Machine Weight15 lbs
Extra High Presser Foot LifterYes
Snap-on Presser FootYes
TensionTension Is Adjustable
CoverDust Cover

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