Singer 14SH654 Review

Singer 14SH654 Review In Detail

Singer 14SH654 has started to show its age. However, it still is a good entry level serger. But a newer version is now available.

Singer 14SH654 is the predecessor of the popular Singer 14CG754 ProFinish serger. Singer 14SH654 is a 3-4 thread serger (the ProFinish 14CG754 is a 2-3-4 thread serger, which is a major upgrade).

Singer 14SH654's motor can deliver 1,300 stitches/min, which is powerful enough to go through any type of fabric. Stitches available on Singer 14SH654 are

•    3 thread overlock
•    3 thread wrapped edge overlock
•    4 thread mock safety stitch
•    Flatlock
•    Blind Hem
•    Rolled Hem

Adjustable differential feed helps to maintain even stitch quality. For sewing cuffs and collars, you just need to remove the cloth plate to access free arm. There are 4 built-in rolled hem options on Singer 14SH654. Moreover, you don't need to change the throat plate to convert to rolled hem. All you need is to switch the lever. The color-coded lay-in thread tension and diagrams make threading very easy. Diagrams explain the system quite well.

The extra high presser foot lifter offers extra clearance for bulky fabrics. You can easily disengage the upper knife if you don't want the machine to trim as you sew. The stitch length adjustment can be done by turning a dial. Stitch width is also adjustable. Singer 14SH654 is equipped with electronic speed control which ensures consistent sewing speed without any jump starts. A built-in carry handle is provided for portability. The machine just weighs 13.5 lbs, so it is definitely a lightweight serger. A storage compartment is also built-in. It comes with 25 year limited warranty as well.

Ease of Use

Singer 14SH654 seems to have a liking towards lightweight fabrics. The stitch quality is good, no worries there. For best results, you need to tweak the tension according to the type of fabric. It is not one tension fits all, kind of a serger.


Threading requires a slight learning curve, it won't be a problem once you get used to it.

Singer 14SH654, due to its lightweight tends to be slightly unstable at high speeds. 

Review Verdict

Singer 14SH654 is an old version of the popular Singer 14CG754. The newer version has addressed all the drawbacks of its predecessor. So given an option, we will always go with the more updated Singer 14CG754. It even has 2-3-4 thread capability.


Stitch Configuration3/4 thread
Differential FeedYes
Stitch SelectionDial
Color Coded ThreadingYes
Stitch LengthAdjustable
Moveable Upper KnifeYes
Built-in Rolled Hem4
Motor Power1,300 Stitches/min
Machine Weight13.5 lbs
Extra High Presser Foot LifterYes
Automatic TensionAdjustable

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