Singer C440 Review In Detail

Singer C440 Review In Detail

Singer C440 is an advanced sewing machine loaded with features. It is very quiet as well. The stitch quality is also very good. The machine memory is limited though.

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Singer C440 is an advanced sewing machine. It is loaded with features. Since an advanced sewing machine is a long-term investment, what I will be watching closely is its performance. Before that, we can run through some of the premium features and how they can help you come up with wonderful projects.

Singer C440 has 200 built-in stitches which also include 13 one-step buttonholes. You can also do lettering in Block or Cyrillic font. You can even store the stitch sequences in the machine's built-in memory.

One of the premium features of C440 is its LCD touch screen. It displays a whole lot of information such as the stitch pattern, pattern number, stitch width, stitch length, recommended feet and much more. The screen brightness is also adjustable. 

Another very handy feature is direct stitch selection buttons for most commonly used stitches. Kudos to Singer for providing such a feature as you don't need to search among 200 patterns or memorize the pattern number. The machine also has an automatic thread cutter button, which can cut both upper and bobbin threads.

On Singer C440, you can sew without the foot controller, thanks to the sewing start/stop and speed control buttons. Unlike many other computerized sewing machines, one difference with C440 is that it has buttons to control sewing speed instead of a slider. I feel that the buttons are better than the sliders in ease of use. The machine can sew at a maximum speed of 800 stitches/min.

Another premium feature is the tack button. This button basically sews tack stitches at the beginning and the end. Presser foot pressure can also be adjusted on C440, the dial is provided on the left side of the machine. Singer C440 is well lit with 3 LEDs. Both needle area and the whole work space are well lit. The machine weighs around 18.5 lbs. If you go by weight, it is not too portable. The machine comes with 25 year limited warranty.

Few other features that you normally expect on a computerized sewing machine come with Singer C440 as well. You can read more about that in the features table given at the end of this article.

Ease of Use

Singer C440 is an easy machine to set up. But if you are upgrading from a mechanical sewing machine, you will have to go through a learning curve. To help with this, you can read the user manual thoroughly and watch some YouTube tutorials.

I really like the large work space on offer. The work area of 7 7/8" is quite impressive. It would have been an icing on the cake, if there was an extra wide extension table, never mind. I am very impressed with the build quality of Singer C440. It has a premium finish and it weighs around 18.5 lbs, which is a testimony to its build quality (it is not lightweight plastic).

C440 is a very quiet machine. In fact, it is one of the quietest I have seen for a while. The machine has no problem sewing multiple layers of thick fabrics like denim. I have tested the machine with silk as well. The stitch quality is good and consistent. The trick is to go slow while you are sewing multiple layers.


Even though Singer C440 comes with built-in memory to save sequences, it is pretty limited in storage space. It comes with only 2 memory folders, so if you want to save a third one, you will have to overwrite one of two existing ones. A USB port would have been handy, never mind.

User manual can be more detailed.


•    Good variety of stitches
•    Direct stitch selection buttons
•    LCD Touch Screen
•    Large work area
•    Well lit workspace


•    Limited machine memory

Review Verdict

In simple words, Singer C440 is sturdy and feature packed. 


Built-in Stitches200
Sewing Start/Stop ButtonYes
Speed Control SliderNo, Speed Control Buttons Instead
Automatic Needle ThreaderYes
Buttonhole Styles13 One-step
Top Drop-in BobbinYes
USB ConnectivityNo
Stitch SelectionLCD Touch Screen
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthYes
Built-in MemoryYes
Programmable Needle Up/DownYes
Built-in Monogramming FontYes
Adjustable Presser Foot PressureYes
Drop FeedYes
Free ArmYes
Motor Speed800 Stitches/Min
On Board Accessory StorageYes
Work LightYes 3 LEDs
Included FeetAll-Purpose Foot, Satin Stitch Foot, Overcasting Foot, Blind Hem Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot with Underplate, Straight Stitch Foot, Button Sewing Foot, Open Toe Foot, Embroidery Foot, Parallel Sewing Foot.
Machine Weight18.5 Approx
Warranty25 Year Limited
Snap-on Presser FootYes
Twin Needle CapabilityYes
Automatic Thread CutterYes
Work Space7 7/8" Work Area
Dedicated Locking Stitch Button (Apart from reverse button)Yes, Tack Stitch Button
Included Wide Extension TableNo

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