Toyota FSR21 Review In Detail

Toyota FSR21 Review In Detail

If you are a person who can be happy with a great stitching mechanical sewing machine with limited number of stitches and features, FSR21 is your machine.

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Toyota is a famous automobile manufacturer in US, but it is not that popular as a sewing machine manufacturer. Toyota has been making sewing machines since 1946, but not many in US know that fact. Toyota sewing machines are now available in US and FSR21 is one of their many entry level mechanical sewing machines. Toyota FSR21 has 21 built-in stitches including a 4-step buttonhole.

FSR21 is a mechanical sewing machine, so the stitch selection is done by turning the dial. The bobbin is front loading type (not drop-in) and it uses the tried and tested metal bobbin case. FSR21 misses out on an automatic needle threader as well. You will have to rely on the power of your eyes to thread the needle. The machine is free arm convertible for sewing cuffs and collars.

The stitch length and width on Toyota FSR21 are preset. The motor can deliver 800 stitches/min, which is pretty much the standard for entry level mechanical sewing machines. A retractable handle is provided for portability. Weighing around 15 lbs, you can't say that it is very light, but you can easily carry it. The machine comes with a dust cover as well.

Ease of Use

As you expect from Toyota's cars, there is no compromise on build quality here as well. Toyota FSR21 comes with less plastic parts and heavy duty metal is used for internal parts. The durability factor looks very promising. The machine doesn't have a lot of fancy stitches (this will suit those people who don't want 100 built-in stitches to boast off and never actually use them). All the stitches available on FSR21 are pretty useful. We are very much impressed with the stitch quality, especially on thick fabrics like denim. In most cases, 8 layers of denim is a walk in the park for this machine.

Toyota FSR21 is not too light, it is not that heavy either. Since it has some decent weight, it doesn't vibrate at high speeds. All in all, FSR21 is a very simple sewing machine. It doesn't have a plethora of buttons and controls to scare you. The machine is reasonably easy to thread (except for the fact that it lacks an automatic needle threader).  The operation is quiet and smooth.


No automatic needle threader, drop-in bobbin and 1-step buttonhole.

There is no drop feed option for doing free-motion quilting.


•    Top notch build quality
•    Excellent with thick fabrics
•    Good stitch quality


•    No automatic needle threader
•    No drop-in bobbin
•    No 1-step buttonhole
•    No drop feed option

Review Verdict

Toyota FSR21 is very good in terms of stitch quality and durability. If you are a person who can be happy with a great stitching mechanical sewing machine with limited number of stitches and features, you will be satisfied with what FSR21 offers. 


Built-in Stitches21
Automatic Needle ThreaderNo
Buttonhole Styles1 Four-step
Top Drop-in BobbinNo, Front Loading
Stitch SelectionDial
Adjustable Stitch Length/WidthNo, Preset Only
Drop FeedNo
Free ArmYes
Motor Speed800 Stitches/min
Machine WeightAround 15 lbs

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